Leh’s hidden jewel – Nomads cottage, Losar, India (with review)

 About the Author: pinkbiker

Delhi Office Head @ Cohn & Wolfe India. Communications professional to the world. A blogger and traveler at heart.


The Nomad’s cottage is a traveler’s secret haven. The fact that you’ll have to travel on treacherous roads for almost one whole day makes it even more difficult to reach and special (crossing roads, rivers and bridges!) The Nomad’s cottage is nestled in the lap of the Himalayas and boasts of a once in a lifetime view. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains the lodge is perfect for anyone looking for a bit of solitude. It has a great view (see pictures) and the most amazing view is when the caretaker serves you breakfast on the terrace – you cannot even imagine what its like :). Its a small cottage (very well-furnished though) so its advisable to make bookings before you go. The lodge has 4-5 double occupancy rooms and is clean and well-kept. If you are in the kitchen, then do ask the cook to make his favourite – steamed potato momos! The only problem with the lodge is that you’ll never want to leave. Its like the home your soul has been searching for:)



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